Prosiding Kesmas


  1. 1st International Seminar Rural Urban and Community Health (Insrunch) – 2018

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The Effect Of Combination Of Yoga Antenatal And Al-Qur’an Murattal Therapy On Blood Pressure, Anxiety, Sflt-1 And Pigf In Pregnant Women With Preeclampsia Risk (Dr. Mamlukah, SKM., M.Kes)

  • Proceedings of the 1st International Conference on Science, Health, Economics, Education and Technology (ICoSHEET 2019)

Implementation Model of Public Health Worker (PHW) – Family Doctors (FD) Partnership: A Qualitative Study in Kuningan Regency (Dr.drg Rossi Suparman)

  • The 19th International Confetence of Public Health Sciences in Collaboration with The 11th Teikyo-Harvard Symposium Contemporary Issues in Public Health – 2019

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The Effect of Antenatal Yoga and Murottal Al-Quran Therapy on Anxiety, SFLT-L, PLGH, and Blood Pressure in Pregnant Women with Preeclampsi Risk (Dr. Mamlukah, SKM., M.Kes)

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  • The 20th International Conference of Public Health Sciences INNO-Tech in Public Health – 2020

  • Prosiding Seminar Nasional Kesehatan Masyarakat 2020

Determinan Kejadian Open Defecation Free (Odf) Di Desa Se-Kecamatan Cipicung, Ciawigebang Dan Lebakwangi Kabupaten Kuningan Tahun 2020 (Muhamad Wildan Khaerudin, 2Cecep Heriana, 3Fitri Kurnia Rahim)

  • 1st International Seminar Of Gender, Maternal, Equity And Child Health – 2021

The Outcome Of Pmtct Guideline Implementation Towards The Program Performance For The Elimination Of Hiv Transmission From Mother To Child In Denpasar City (Lely Wahyuniar)

  • International Conference on Innovations of Functional Foods in Asia – 2018 Role of tempe cereal as a source of vitamin B12 and its implementation for vegetarian diet (Dr. Susianto, MKM)